An expansion and green upgrade of our business premises

How we make our building completely green

The NBS Scientific head office is in the middle of a renovation. More office space is being created and the warehouse has also been renovated to be able to deliver to our customers in Europe even faster. In addition to the expansion and renovation, we are also making our renovated building green. And no, not with paint, but in terms of sustainability of course. Sustainability is one of our core values. This was a very important focus when renovating the building. Would you like to know what steps we have already taken? Watch below. We will regularly update this page with new developments. So keep a close eye on our Linked-in and Twitter for company updates.

Green sanitary facilities

The green renovation of our head office is already making good progress! Sustainable solutions are being implemented in various places. This also applies to our sanitary facilities. The installed sustainable sanitary concept provides numerous advantages compared to other sanitary facilities. We save up to 53% on soap consumption and up to 30% on water consumption by using soap foam. We also use up to 48% less CO2 and up to 79% less waste thanks to the use of a rotating towel system, where the towels are made from organic cotton. Our toilet paper is also 100% recycled, FSC and EU Ecolabel certified.

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Sustainable cooling and heating

In the field of cooling and heating, NBS Scientific has opted for a heat pump system and therefore for a sustainable future. With the heat pump we can now cool and heat our company sustainably by using energy from the outside air. This is not only an energy-efficient solution, but it also saves costs. We are happy to explain to you how this sustainable process works and what technology contributes to this.

Heating with a heat pump is done in an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly manner. While heating, the heat pump extracts energy from our outside air. But before this energy can actually be used as heat, it must be pumped up in the outdoor unit to a usable heating level. This requires electrical energy. This is approximately 25% of the total heating power supplied. A heat pump therefore means significant savings on energy costs. This highly efficient way of heating ensures high efficiencies: efficiencies of 400% are no exception. This makes the use of a heat pump many times more efficient than a traditional gas-fired central heating boiler. In well-insulated buildings, the use of a heat pump as basic heating can even make the gas heater unnecessary.

Most climate systems are equipped with the innovative, modulatinginverter technology. This allows the system to independently adapt its operation to the circumstances. Once the desired temperature is reached, the system maintains it by operating at a low level. Energy consumption is maintained at a low level. If the temperature deviates further from the desired value, the system will automatically provide more capacity and operate at the highest possible level. This results in 15% faster cooling and 50% faster heating. These fluctuations in temperature are not noticeable. In this way, NBS Scientific can constantly enjoy optimal comfort with minimal energy costs.

LED lighting with sensors

The indoor and outdoor lighting at NBS Scientific has been converted to LED lighting. Compared to all other types of lamps, LED lighting uses the least energy (up to 90%). They also emit the least heat and last much longer. In addition, the lighting at NBS Scientific works in rooms where work is performed on presence sensors and in ancillary rooms on motion sensors. This way, no lights are on unnecessarily anywhere.

We hope to inspire others with our sustainable renovation. Of course we also like to learn from others. Do you know of any other sustainable smart solutions or would you like to share your success story with us? Or do you have questions about our renovation? Please email us at