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DNA extraction

Separate, isolate, and purify biomolecules in a simple workflow

A unique solution for DNA extraction

RNA isolation or DNA isolation is a hot topic for practitioners. Lots of resources are allocated to make sure DNA isolation is done correctly, often too much resources. That is because it can be done easier and better, with the newest solution from CAPP. These EXPell Spin Columns can be seen as a game changer, as they offer a cost effective, high quality and easy way to extract RNA or to extract DNA. Danish life-science company CAPP has been able to cut down the cost of producing a Spin Column, while simultaneously, by being highly innovative, dramatically increasing the quality.

The technologies behind CAPP Expell Spin Columns for DNA isolation

The integrated approach by CAPP enables practitioners to separate, isolate and purify biomolecules in one spin column. That is because a two compartment design is used: a filter tube (0.8 mL) and a receiver tube (1.5/2.0 mL), to maximize RNA isolation or DNA isolation. CAPP EXPell Spin Columns utilize glass fiber filters with the newest silica-based filtration membrane technology, with extremely high efficiency. Nucleic acids are bound with 99.99% efficiency, ensuring the best possible RNA/DNA extraction/isolation.

Why this is the solution for you

We only collaborate with the most innovative and high quality manufacturers, and this product is just one result of this. This solution by CAPP enables lab technicians like you to save large amounts of money on RNA or DNA extraction. At the same time, the quality is higher than most highly expensive DNA extraction tools used in laboratories.