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Vacuum Pumps

For the safe aspiration of liquid waste

Are you looking for a good laboratory vacuum pump?

Then look no further. You have come to the right place at NBS Scientific. We know better than anyone else how important it is to have a good and safe laboratory vacuum pump for aspirating liquid wastes, which can be dangerous at times. Today’s technologies offer unparalleled advantages and unprecedented ease of use for the aspiration of liquids.

Different laboratory pumps for different purposes

At NBS Scientific, we offer different types of laboratory vacuum pumps depending on your needs. For example, we offer the VACUSAFE, an all-in-one solution for aspirating large amounts of liquid. This system is a combination of pump, bottle container, overflow protection and filter. With such a system, you can eliminate the risk of contamination of users and equipment. In addition, the VACUSAFE is very easy to use.
Furthermore, we offer the VACUSIP, which is suitable for small amounts of liquid. This device has handy dimensions, and works independently of an external laboratory vacuum pump, and can even be provided in a battery version. VACUSIP works without noise, which is pleasant during the work process.

Additionally we offer the manual hand piece separately, meaning you can integrate it into your workflow. This VACUBOY with its great compatibility offers you the flexibility to aspirate liquids from a variety of laboratory containers.

Why choose NBS?

With us you are assured of a good product, because we only cooperate with renowned brands, which have proven to deliver a quality product. Integra is a Japanese bioscience manufacturer, with diverse products and a proven track-record. So you can be assured of a safe and good purchase.


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