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Tube Laser Markers

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Innovative tube lasers for labeling your samples

The technology of today is miles ahead of the technology of yesterday. Where in the beginning tube labeling machines were used, with labels that can be damaged or come off completely, nowadays there are state-of-the-art tube lasers. With tube lasers, inscriptions are lasered on the tubes in a very short time, which are then practically indelible. In this way, it is completely clear which sample is which, and you can continue to perform every possible operation without fear of losing the overview in your sample collection.

We offer two variants of the tube laser: a fully automatic tube laser with a speed of 6 ANSI/SLAS format racks per cycle, and a manual tube laser, which can mark tubes and racks from 0.30 ml to 15 ml. Both laser engravers feature intuitive software, with a not too steep learning curve, and come with a dedicated laptop to control the device. Depending on your budget, we have the tube laser you need.

Absolute traceability of your sample thanks to the tube lasers

Laser marking provides an inscription that is superior to any other inscription in many ways. For example, it is resistant to chemical, mechanical and temperature influences, within a range of -196 ºC and +100 ºC. As a result, laser inscriptions are many times more stable and stronger than inscriptions with ink or adhesive labels. There is virtually no circumstance under which your laser marking could be lost.

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