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Liquid Handlers for high precision dispensing

Modern and innovative liquid handler from Dispendix

View the modern solutions of Dispendix on this page. Dispendix is a manufacturer that makes next-generation liquid handlers. The showpiece is a high-precision automatic dosing machine, which can dose liquids into microplates in nanoliters, within a very short time frame. This makes the I.DOT liquid handler suitable for many aspects of life science.

The benefits of a liquid handler are tremendous. You can increase the productivity, safety and reliability of your lab. You can save yourself RSI-injuries, costly labour hours and many pipette tips.

Not only is the device progressive in terms of results, the operation and overall form factor is also a liquid handler in 2023. On a large touch screen on the front of the unit (which can also be operated with a mouse) you can configure every possible setting through clear and well-arranged software. The liquid handler device functions quickly and is pleasant to look at thanks to its modern design.

The average costs of a liquid handler vary a lot, but it is important to recognize these costs as an investment rather than a sunk cost. With the high productivity and quality of these machines you will have such a high ROI that you will have earned back your investment within no time.

Other benefits of automated liquid handler

The dosing by the I.DOT liquid handler takes place in a closed environment, which prevents (cross) contamination. Human errors are eliminated, repetitive strain injuries are prevented and the use of plastic is reduced. This is because you can save on using pipette tips. Dispendix’s I.DOT automated liquid handler enables you to work with a precision and intuitiveness you’ve never experienced before.

A liquid handler is designed to handle liquids of all sorts, in a way that is better than humans can manually. Laboratories work a lot with liquids. Manual manipulation of liquids with pipettes or manual liquid manipulation devices is still pretty common, but subject to error and tiring for the user. With an automatic liquid handler you can eliminate these concerns. Besides the productivity being much higher you can benefit from higher safety and higher reliability.

The patented ‘drop-detection’ technology allows you to be exactly aware of your dosages, because the device measures exactly how many drops of a certain size have been dosed. This makes the I.DOT automated liquid handler suitable for tasks such as compound dispensing, assay development, genomics and proteomics and cell dispensing. The droplets in the size of nanoliters enable operations in the environment of gene editing (sequencing).

Dispensing plates for automated liquid handler

The I.DOT automated liquid handler uses dispensing plates to achieve the correct droplet size. These polypropylene plates in 96 or 384 well format are suitable for volumes from 8 to 80,000 nL, and some even 4 nL. Each plate has a dead volume of less than 1 microliter. One of the strengths of the dispensing plates is the dosing of living cells. However, dosing of numerous other solutions is possible, including aqueous solutions containing salts and other ingredients, reagents used for qPCR assays, DMSO up to 100%, Matrigel and many other liquids commonly used in laboratories. The dosing plates are also suitable for solvents such as methanol and acetonitrile.

In any case, the difference between a manual liquid handler and automatic liquid handler lies in the fact that your repetitive quality and reliability will be much higher, your productivity will skyrocket and as a bonus you will improve the safety of your lab.

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