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Bioreactor for cultivating cells and protein expression


The cell culture flask CELLine is a disposable bioreactor based on two-compartment technology. It allows to cultivate cells at highest densities (107–108 cells/ml) and to express proteins like monoclonal antibodies at very high concentrations.

The bioreactor CELLine is separated into a medium and a cell compartment by means of a 10 kDa semi-permeable membrane. This membrane allows a continuous diffusion of nutrients into the cell compartment with a concurrent removal of any inhibitory waste product. The individual accessibility of the compartments allows supplying cells with fresh medium without mechanically interfering with the culture. Optimal oxygen supply and control of carbon dioxide levels is ensured by a silicone membrane which forms the cell compartment base.


Product features

High Quality

Expression of proteins at concentrations 50 times higher than with standard culture flask.

Cost reduction

Less consumption of supplements like serum, therefore reducing costs.

A highly innovative bioreactor for cell cultivation

With CELLINE we offer a highly innovative cell culture flask, with two-compartment technology in which cells can be cultivated in high density (10^7 – 10^8 cells/ml), and protein expressions performed such as monoclonal antibodies at very high concentrations. Due to the innovative partitioning into two compartments (medium and cell compartment), separated by a 10 kDa semi-permeable membrane, there will be continuous diffusion of nutrients into the cell compartment, and at the same time disposal of waste products. Altogether, CELLINE’s technologies enable protein expression concentrations up to 50 times higher than in standard culture flasks. Last but not least, CELLINE lowers your operating costs because you will need fewer media supplements such as serum.

With us, you have the choice of a 1000 ml basal media reservoir and a 350 ml media reservoir, with the choice of a 15 ml cell culture compartment or 5 ml. In addition, you can choose to have the CELLINE packaged sterile. This innovative piece of laboratory technology is not cheap, and therefore not for the small lab. However if you do have the funds to spend on an extremely high quality and innovative cell culture basket, this is an utmost sensible choice. Few other products will be able to offer you such a combination of productivity and efficiency as the CELLINE from Pfeiffer.

Pfeiffer and additional information

Pfeiffer is a German life-science manufacturer specialized in the production of cell culture systems. Their products guarantee high quality and ease of use. You can therefore be assured of a good purchase when buying CELLSPIN, CELLROLL or CELLINE. If you have additional questions that are not answered on the website, you can always contact us. We are ready at all times with expertise, knowledge and professional insight.

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