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For quick and careful sterilization


The MEDIACLAVE product range allows the rapid and gentle preparation of 1 – 30 L culture medium. Precise controlling and monitoring of temperature, time and pressure during the sterilization process guarantee constant high quality.

Media preparation by the MEDIACLAVE 10 is very easy. The culture medium can be dissolved directly within the instrument. Automatic self checks and several independent monitoring systems for pressure and temperature guarantee highest operational safety.

The MEDIACLAVE 10 can be conveniently connected to the INTEGRA Biosciences MEDIAJET, allowing the automated dispensing of media into up to 540 Petri dishes at the touch of a button.

Product features


MEDIACLAVE is equipped with several independent monitoring systems for pressure and temperature, guaranteeing highest safety standards for the user and the working environment.

Reliable sterilisation

The large and strong magnetic stirrer with adjustable speed and reversing rotation direction ensures homogenous media preparation over a wide viscosity range.


MEDIACLAVE can be quickly and conveniently connected to the dispensing tubing of the automated Petri dish filler MEDIAJET.


The MEDIACLAVE sterilization process is monitored and can be stored on a PC.

  • Capacity MC10 1-10 litres
  • Weight MC10 57 kg
  • Dimensions MC10 480 x 550 x 640 mm
  • Capacity MC30 3-30 litres
  • Weight MC30 85 kg
  • Dimensions MC30 1040 x 550 x 640 mm

The way to prepare culture media

With the Integra MEDIACLAVE, you have in your hands the way to prepare a culture medium. Manufactured by the well-known and leading American company Integra, this device is extremely versatile and effective. In a fast and precise way, a culture medium within the range of 1 to 30 L is prepared. Integra always makes their products and devices as intuitive as possible, and the MEDIACLAVE is no exception. With a large and clear front panel display and touch buttons, you can set all the necessary settings and programming. The culture medium can be dissolved immediately in the device, and multiple safety mechanisms ensure the utmost security. With a powerful bidirectional motor within the MEDIACLAVE, you are assured of homogeneous media.

The seamless integration of the MEDIACLAVE with the MEDIAJET media filling system allows you to immediately fill petri dishes with culture media, or test tubes. With a weight of 85 kg and a corresponding size, this device for the preparation of a culture medium is not for the small lab, nor for a small budget. However, you are assured of a quality product, with fast and careful sterilization of your culture media. For a demonstration of how the MEDIACLAVE works, please watch the video above.

Would you like to prepare a culture medium?

If the large size of 1 meter by 50 centimeters by 60 centimeters and the high purchase price is not a problem for you, the MEDIACLAVE is an extremely powerful piece of lab equipment, especially in combination with the MEDIAJET media filling system. So we offer you a total package for the preparation and cultivation of culture media. If you are interested in it, you can also order the DOSE IT peristaltic pump alongside it. With this extremely handy device you will be able to dose culture media, buffers and other solutions easily. All devices are from the American company Integra, which has a reputation in the field of life sciences. Each product is produced with the greatest possible care, resulting in the highest possible quality. Very important is that ease of use and intuitiveness are not lost, and Integra is very alert to this. The large screen of the MEDIACLAVE and the intuitive programming and learning curve are proof of this.

Additional Information

Do you need additional information about the MEDIACLAVE, the MEDIAJET, or other Integra products? Or do you have any doubts? Then do not hesitate to ask us. We are always ready to provide you with advice, expertise, professional insight and knowledge. Do not hesitate to contact us. We can remove any doubt or question. Of course we are also open to suggestions.

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