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Pipettes are indispensable in a contemporary laboratory. Since the beginning of time, lab technicians have used pipettes, and nowadays variants are available with unparalleled precision. Depending on the specific needs of the researcher, there are in fact very different variants of the pipette available, in the form of electronic pipettes or manual pipettes. The choice between an automatic/electronic pipette, and a manual pipette depends on the researcher’s budget, and his or her preference for precision. In fact, an automatic pipette is more precise, and provides less pressure on the hands, but is more expensive to purchase. If you want to buy a high-quality pipette, you’ve come to the right place at NBS Scientific. We offer laboratory equipment from manufacturers who are committed to providing an innovative and high quality product.


For our high-precision electronic pipettes, we use the expertise of manufacturer CAPP from Denmark. CAPP laboratory pipettes use the latest insights in technology and life-science. By using the latest insights, your pipetting process is drastically accelerated and simplified. CAPP offers the most user-friendly pipettes on the market, without compromising on quality.
For the laboratory pipette, we offer single-channel electronic pipettes, as well as multi-channel electronic pipettes, depending on whether you want to fill single tubes, or multiple tubes simultaneously. You can buy a laboratory pipette with a variety of pipetting quantities. The multi-channel electronic pipettes allow you to fill 8 tubes at the same time.


For some processes, you may still prefer manual pipetting. This can be due to cost considerations, but also simply because you have more confidence in a manual solution for that moment. Of course, we also supply a wide range of manual pipettes, in addition to our automatic (electronic pipettes). For manual laboratory pipettes, we offer a wide range from the manufacturers Ritter, CAPP and Integra, which have best-in-class ergonomics and precision. This includes serological pipettes, and pipettes which are equipped with a pump to increase the pipetting speed. In addition, as with the electronic pipettes, we naturally offer single-channel pipettes for long-term use, as well as multi-channel pipettes, depending on your needs and requirements. All pipettes are designed with the aim of reducing the pressure on your thumb, because we know the extent of this problem. For significant acceleration of your work process in the lab, we also offer multipipettes, which have access to 64 channels.


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