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CappAero 384 Multi Pipette

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CappAero-384 Multi Pipette

Multi-channel pipette for a 384-well plate


CappAero384 is the ideal multichannel pipette for 384 well plate. Our portfolio starts with the 16 channel pipette, available in 3 volume ranges: 0.2-2µl, 0.5-10µl and 5-50µl and goes further to 48 and 64 channel pipettes, enabling quick and high precision pipetting of 16, 48, or 64 wells at once without the use of expensive, automated equipment.

CappAero multichannel pipette for 384-well plate is a perfect tool for liquid transfers from reservoir and deep well plates into 384-well plates, reducing the throughput time and workload.

Product features


CappAero384 Multichannel Pipettes feature lightweight construction and produce a consistent and reliable liquid transfer result in one ergonomic solution.

Reducing workload

The CappAero384™ 48 & 64 channel pipette allows for pipetting large samples within a short period of time while reducing the workload.


The CappAero384™ is generally applicable for all transfers of liquids from reservoir and 384-deepwell plates into 384-well test plates.


Excellent performance across all channels due to the special design and metallic construction.

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