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Pipette Tips

For various applications and dosages

Pipette tips for any application

Pipette tips are indispensable when using a pipette, and we offer an exceptionally wide spectrum of different pipette tips for any application. From filtered, non-filtered, sterile, non-sterile, to standard quality and ‘low retention’-plus quality pipette tips: NBS Scientific offers it, for a variety of volumes.
For our pipette tips we use the expertise and craftsmanship of premium life-science manufacturers CAPP and Ritter, who have a solid foundation in laboratory products. These brands from Denmark and Germany provide you with the tools you need to discover the best possible insights in the lab.

High quality pipette tips for high quality research

Sourced from the best suppliers, our pipette tips are proven effective and of high quality. The safety of each tip is guaranteed, so you can pipette dangerous substances with confidence. All pipette tips are compatible with the most common lab workflows, and are sterile, pyrogen free, and DNA, RNase and ATP free (independently proven by labs). The pipette tips are compatible with a very wide range of pipettes, so compatibility will not be an issue. We also offer serological pipettes, which are sterile, pyrogen free and very easy to read. We offer the possibility to deliver a quality certificate on request.

COVID-19 pipette tips

Topical in these times: pipette tips for COVID-19 testing, compatible with robotic systems, and subject to multiple quality controls. These extremely high-quality Robotic Tips from Ritter have high accuracy, and feature low retention, and are compatible with liquid-handling systems from Hamilton, Tecan, Qiagen and Olympus.

Why buy from NBS Scientific?

We are a company specializing in distributing laboratory supplies from our partners. With us, you have the choice of a rich array of manufacturers, and their corresponding extensive product ranges. We only cooperate with the best suppliers, who can also offer the best value for money. Therefore you can be sure of a successful purchase at NBS Scientific.

Additional Information

We can imagine that you might have some difficulty choosing because of our rich assortment, and that you do not know exactly which piece of lab equipment you need. If you would like to receive advice about the products we offer, do not hesitate to contact us! We can take away and answer all your doubts, concerns and questions. It is also possible to request a sample or a demo.


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