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Capp Expell Tips

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Prevent cross contamination

With Capp Expell Tips

The racked tips range covers filter, non-filter, sterile and non-sterile tips. The tips are also available in the standard Expell quality as well as in the ExpellPlus low retention quality. The racked tips are also available in different lengths within the same volume range. The racks are packed in user-friendly, space-saving dispenser boxes, which include 10 racks or 8 racks for the 1ml tips.

The Capp Expell and ExpellPlus tips come in self-standing and self-sealing plastic bags. The tips can be used directly from the bag and can be manually refilled into all Capp racks. Each bag comes with a label which shows the catalogue and batch number. The Bulk Pipette tips are the ideal choice for cost-sensitive customers.

New are reusable PaperBox carton racks, which are more environmentally friendly than the usual plastic racks. Everything to contribute to sustainability.

Product Features


The smooth inner surface minimizes sample binding.


Ideal for pipetting vicious samples.


RNase, DNase and Pyrogen free certified.


Compatible with majority of pipette brands.

  • Compatible brands Capp, Biohit, Brand, Eppendorf, Finnpipette, Gilson, Rainin, VWR
  • Available in rack
  • Autoclavable racks

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