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SPL Guard Thawing Stations

Controlled Sample Thawing

Tools for thawing your samples

We offer you the highest quality and most innovative tools for controlled sample thawing. The Florida from SPL Guard, a company that specializes in controlled sample thawing and freezing, is known as the fastest thawing station available. This unit allows you to thaw samples in a multi-rack capacity, at a constant speed and temperature, which makes the thawing very even (better than most solutions on the market). This preserves the quality of your sample as much as possible for downstream research.

The technologies of SPL Guard

The innovative high-tech fans with 150 cfm of air capacity, and a remote I/O port for integration into your robotic workflow, make thawing your samples as easy and high quality as possible. In addition, the Florida has a large capacity, and is also 60% faster than competing laboratory devices. 10 racks of samples are thawed in just 9 minutes.

Furthermore, the percentage of uneven thawing per rack with the SPL Guard Florida is only 20%, while percentages of 50% are normally noted for the most common instruments available elsewhere.

Thawing Station at NBS Scientific

In short, if you are looking for a good thawing station, you have found a high quality and competitive alternative from the specialists from SPL Guard at NBS Scientific. The device is energy efficient, fast, and ensures the preservation of the quality of your samples through leading craftsmanship and innovation. If you have any questions about this device, do not hesitate to contact us.


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