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Vitl Benchtop equipment

A robust, single-tube, benchtop Luminometer

Innovative luminometer

If you are looking for an affordable yet very high quality and innovative luminiscence meter, you have come to the right company at NBS Scientific. For certain purposes lab technicians require a luminometer, for example to measure biological and chemical luminescence reactions. Often the devices they have to deal with are very complicated and pricey.

Not so the Lu-Mini Luminometer from Vitl Life Science Solutions. This next-generation benchtop luminometer was developed with great laboratory friendliness in mind. Therefore it has an intuitive design, a fast readout time, a handy size, USB connectivity via a supplied PC app and a user-friendly touch screen in which up to 1000 test results can be stored.

The Lu-Mini is compatible with 10-15 mm round tubes/vials, and 10 mm square wells. In addition, the luminometer features protocol selection, including single/dual point, peak detection and kinetic data collection. The extremely handy size of this piece of lab tech makes it suitable for any lab bench. Benefit from today’s innovations implemented by leading life-science manufacturers today.


Does this sound like music to your ears? Then do not hesitate to contact us for a free quote. Also, if you have any questions about the Lu-Mini luminometer, or any other product from our rich assortment, you can easily ask us by contacting us. We have extensive knowledge about the devices and products we supply, and can take away any question, concern or doubt you may have.

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