Our head office in the Netherlands is fully powered by European wind energy!

Since last year, NBS Scientific’s headquarters in Almere has been using 100% European wind energy. In generating this energy, no environmentally harmful fossil fuels are used and no pollutants are released. This means that every working day where energy is used in the office, it is done entirely in a green way. NBS Scientific prevents a lot of air pollution by using 100% wind energy. As a reward for this sustainable switch, we have received a Green Certificate from MAIN Energie. This states in black and white that we are contributing to a more sustainable and cleaner world. Had we still been using conventional electricity, our consumption would have required a total of 1112 trees to be planted to offset CO2 emissions.

More sustainable initiatives are being implemented at NBS Scientific. For example, our energy-efficient LED lighting in the office works automatically, so it never stays on unnecessarily. Furthermore, we use the Ecoilet concept, a sustainable toilet concept. This involves 53% less soap consumption and 30% less water consumption through the use of soap foam, up to 48% less CO2 emissions and up to 79% less waste thanks to Blaue Engel certified organic cotton and 100% recycled, FSC and EU Ecolabel certified toilet paper. We also regularly support sustainable projects, such as planting trees in exchange for getting a fruit box at work. Finally, we use an energy-efficient heat pump for our heating purposes. This allows us to use our energy even more efficiently.