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Dispendix G.STATION NGS Library Prep

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Dispendix G.STATION NGS Library Prep Station

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Wednesday 22 May 2024 | 13:00 -14:00 CET

The ins and outs of NGS Library Prep
The powerful individual parts of the G.STATION
Practicing sustainability by reducing the need for labware
Different research applications for the G.STATION

This English-spoken online live demonstration will be hosted in Microsoft Teams by our colleagues from the Netherlands and in collaboration with the team at Dispendix. During the webinar, we will go through the different features of the Dispendix G.STATION which automates NGS Library prep. This highly versatile NGS workstation has a wide variety of benefits and that is why we will take a closer look at what NGS Library prep involves.

We also discuss the consumables required and the software included. After the presentation, we take the time to show you the Dispendix G.STATION up close. If you have any questions during the live demo, you can simply ask them in the chat and our team will make sure to answer them as quickly as they can.

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