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Dispendix G.STATION

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DNA/RNA in, NGS Libraries out


With the G.STATION from Dispendix you have a total solution for purifying, processing and performing DNA/RNA sequencing, making NGS Library Preparation possible. Since it is a combination of 3 devices, which are universally connected to a robot arm, you have the option to automate the entire NGS workflow. In combination with the intuitive software and high-quality technologies, you will be able to perform groundbreaking work.

Devices designed for NGS Library Preparation


The G.STATION consists of two advanced liquid handlers from Dispendix and a cleaning device: I.DOT, L.DROP and G.PURE. These are respectively a nanoliter liquid handler, a cloud-based liquid handler and a DNA purification device. Each of these devices functions completely automatically and partly without pipette tips, which allows you to save a lot of materials and time. In addition, the solution can be connected to the cloud, which makes collaboration with other researchers possible.

Product features

Optimal integration

Thanks to the seamless connection between the 3 advanced devices, the robot arm and the special software, you have a total solution that is clear and quick to use.

Collaborate in the cloud

Dispendix is proud to be one of the first lab automation brands in the world to connect their liquid handlers directly to the cloud. This opens up new possibilities for sharing data, protocols, collaborating on research and much more.

Compact size, big results

The G.STATION is a total solution for NGS Library Preparation and DNA/RNA sequencing, and the whole thing fits on your laboratory benchtop. If you thought this required very large devices, with many steps, then Dispendix offers a high-quality and compact alternative.

User-friendliness comes first

The G.STATION has been designed with the highest possible user-friendliness in mind. All you have to do is connect the devices together and you can operate your total solution for NGS via the special software.

  • Setup time About half an hour
  • Cloud-based
  • Compact size
  • Free from pipette tips Partially


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