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Flame monitoring and overheating protection


FIREBOY, a safe alternative to traditional Bunsen burners. Traditionally Bunsen burners are widely used as standard equipment for routine flame sterilization work. However, the danger of working with traditional Bunsen burners connected to a gas distribution system should not be underestimated. A major source of danger is posed by burners that leak highly flammable gas.

The FIREBOY Portable Safety Bunsen developed by INTEGRA is a safe alternative. FIREBOY not only prevents the danger of gas leaks, but also reduces the risks of fire or burns if unintentionally left on.


Product features

Safe operation

DVGW safety certified, FIREBOY ensures highest application safety by preventing the risk of gas leakage and explosion.

Convenient handling

All functions of FIREBOY are easily accessed by the intuitive user interface. Gas ignition is both rapid and safe – FIREBOY requires no lighter or matches.

Independent & portable

FIREBOY provides you with maximal flexibility if equipped with a rechargeable battery and a gas cartridge adapter.

Functional design

FIREBOY requires only minimal bench space. It is robust and can not tip over during use.

  • Dimensions 100 x 150 x 60 mm
  • Max. flame temperature 1200 °C
  • Main adapter Input voltage: 100 – 240 VAC
  • Nominal gas input pressure Propane/butane gas: 50 mbar

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