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Portable flame sterilization


The FLAMEBOY is a handy, portable flame sterilizer with piezo-electric ignition for safe flame sterilisation. Equipped with a gas cartridge adapter for Campingaz CV360 or EXPRESS 444, the FLAMEBOY is independent of any gas distribution system. Therefore, it is at hand wherever needed: production plant, fermenter, laboratory or outdoor. The gas cartridge adapters are very easily mounted by means of an intelligent ‘click and go’ mechanism.

Alternatively, the FLAMEBOY can be connected to a gas distribution system for a permanent installation, i.e. hoods and laboratories.

Product features

Easy to use

Immediate ignition independent of any power source or battery and the handy pistol grip of FLAMEBOY provides convenient holding and use.

Various gas adapters

Compatible with different gas types. If equipped with gas cartridge adapter, FLAMEBOY is independent of any gas distribution system and at hand whenever needed.

  • Dimensions 200 x 40 x 200 mm
  • Weight 608 g
  • Max. flame temperature 1350 °C
  • Nominal thermal rating Propane/butane gas: 1.6 kW

A practical portable flame sterilizer

For all your sterilization needs, we offer the Integra FLAMEBOY. This very flexible flame sterilizer is, if desired, completely autonomous (with a gas cartridge) and does not even require a battery for ignition. You can use different types of gas for the FLAMEBOY, such as propane, butane and natural gas, with 3 different nozzles. This includes an adapter for Campingaz CV 360 gas cartridges. The ergonomic pistol grip, and the fact that the FLAMEBOY can be completely independent of a gas distribution system, ensure that you can sterilize anywhere you want. Of course, it is also possible to connect the sterilizer to a standard gas connection.

Integra and specifications

For these and other burners we use the expertise and craftsmanship of the American company Integra, which has many years of experience in the market. The starting point has always been to deliver a quality product, where usability and intuitiveness for the average lab user are not lost sight of. With the FLAMEBOY Integra has once again delivered a fine example of ease of use and versatility. Measuring just 200 by 40 by 200 mm, and weighing 608 grams, you can go anywhere with this piece of lab equipment. The maximum flame temperature is 1350 °C, which is enough for all your sterilization needs. Enjoy the quality and versatility of this highly innovative piece of laboratory technology, which is called FLAMEBOY.

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