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GenTegra DNA

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Preserve and Protect DNA samples at ambient temperatures!

Securely ship samples in the dry state with GenTegra


GenTegra-DNA is a water soluble chemical matrix that when added to purified DNA allows it to be air-dried to form a solid matrix which coats, preserves and protects DNA in the dry state at ambient temperatures. The protection is near perfect at the extremes of temperature (-80°C to +56°C) for many years. GenTegra-DNA is especially valuable and effective at protecting against the high temperatures likely to be encountered when shipping samples.


Product features

DNA Protection

GenTegra DNA protects DNA from hydrolysis and oxidation, stabilizing samples for long-term ambient temperature storage.

Wide Temperature Range

GenTegra DNA stabilizes DNA samples for a wide temperature range. GenTegra DNA ensures that samples are protected for days or weeks while in transport.

Easy Recovery

Samples can be easily recovered after transportation. Simply add water to recover 100% of the sample and prepare to use it for any downstream application necessary.


Once samples are recovered, they can be used for downstream applications including transfections, quantitative PCR, gene expression, RRN profiling, next-generation sequencing, genotyping, HLA typing, and forensics.

  • Format 0.50ml screw cap tube, 0.30ml cluster tube, 96-well microtiter plate, dry bulk
  • Total DNA application amount 0.05ug - 20ug
  • Sample application volume 1-250ul (special handling required for volumes less than 20ul)
  • Recovery volume Equals application volume
  • Stability for transport Tolerance for extreme temperatures
  • Drying FastDryer (overnight), SpeedVac (2-4 hours, depending on volume/type of SpeedVac), under biosafety hood (14 hours)
  • Shelf life 3 years (prior to use)

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