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Integra Accessories

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Safety in mind

With Integra accessories

Since 1965, INTEGRA has been dedicated to developing solutions for pipetting and media preparation, which fulfill the needs of our customers in research, diagnostics and quality control.

With INTEGRA Accessories you can move liquids in a precise and productive way. It is easily to upgrade your VACUBOY or VACUSAFE e.g. with the filter of INTEGRA.


Product Features


The pipet filter is also available in sterile.


The 4-litre PP bottle for Integra’s Vacusafe has a bigger volume than the standard bottle.

Various essential accessories

When buying different varieties of lab equipment and lab supplies, you also want to have access to matching accessories from time to time. Of course, manufacturers respond to this by offering accessories that seamlessly match the lab tech you use in your setup. The American life-science manufacturer Integra offers, in addition to their range of laboratory equipment, many useful accessories, such as PP-bottles for vacuum pumps, batteries, (sterile) filters for pipettes and filters for vacuum pumps. During pipetting of liquids and substances it is very important to prevent cross-contamination and contamination of the sample. With the help of special filters you can reduce all exogenous risks to a minimum, and thus achieve the absolute highest precision in your research. At the same time, we also offer filter rubbers.

Our product range

Why would it be wise to purchase filters for in a pipette? First of all, pipettes are protected in this way against aerosols and the aspiration of undesired substances, thus preventing contamination and damage to the pipette. In addition, of course, a filter minimizes the risk of cross-contamination, which is extremely beneficial for any researcher. Besides the products mentioned above, we also offer gas cartridges for our (portable) gas burners, and we offer a 4 liter PP bottle for our vacuum pump solution, the Vacusafe. This bottle is larger than the standard bottle which is delivered with the Vacusafe. Benefit from the advantages of the accessories from Integra.


Do you have any questions about the accessories we supply? We can totally understand. Please feel free to contact us. We can advise you about our rich offering. In addition, we are always ready with our technical support and open to suggestions.

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I experience NBS Scientific as an excellent partner with pleasant employees. I have good contact with them.

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