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Screw Caps for Tubes with Internal Thread

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Securely seal your tubes

Maintain the integrity of your samples with Micronic screw caps!


Micronic screw caps for internal threaded tubes provide a secure seal for long-term storage of samples at ultra-low temperatures and for a secure sealing of the tubes during transport.

Available in 12 different colors: Grey, White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink, Purple, Blue, Light Blue, Light Green, Green and Black.


Product features

Optimal seal quality

The silicone O-ring on the screw cap provides the most optimal seal for storage at ultra-low temperatures.

Tube Compatibility

The threaded internal screw caps are compatible with 96-well (0.50ml, 0.75ml, 1.10ml, 1.40ml and 2.00ml), 48-well (4.00ml) and 24-well (6.00ml) size tubes.

Automation Friendly

The Micronic screw caps for tubes with internal thread are compatible with automated systems, like screw cap recappers.


The internal screw caps are resistant to chemical solvents. All caps are produced in a cleanroom class 7 and are free of RNase/DNase and Pyrogens.

  • Material Highest purity PP with Silicone O-ring
  • Cap height 14,22 mm (96-format), 14,9 mm (48-format), 14,2 mm (24-format)
  • Temperature range Vapour phase LN2 to +100°C
  • Available gamma irradiated, (15 kGy avg.) or EtO treated
  • Available with pre-capped Micronic screw cap tubes

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