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Urine Sample Kit

Hygienic Urine Sampling


An often used method of collecting samples is through urine. It is hereby crucial that everything proceeds according to plan, and that no urine is spilled or the sample contaminated. Many solutions exist on the market, however none of them offer the assurance and security that the IVUS Hygienic Urine Sampling Kit provides.

Collecting urine samples with IVUS Touchless Urine Sampling

IVUS is a Danish life-science manufacturer specializing in the production of sample collection kits and other clinical consumables. Touchless Urine Sampling technology allows you to collect samples of urine without spilling or littering. The urine stays in a sealed system until testing, preventing contamination of the sample. This is all the more important because it has been shown that as many as 42% of urine samples are contaminated, producing false positive or false negative test results.
Proper, high-quality urine storage, such as with the IVUS Hygienic Urine Sampling Kit, can reduce these false results by 77%. The kits are user-friendly, both for the researcher and the patient. The kit is suitable for standard and advanced testing, and is fully sterilized, to meet the highest norms.

Why IVUS for collecting urine samples?

If you need to collect urine samples, and are looking for an affordable and high quality alternative, then we offer it. Moreover, this is a very safe and convenient to use alternative. Enhance the lives of patients through leading technologies in the field of urine sample collection.