Retrospective: this was 2020 for NBS Scientific

Retrospective: this was 2020 for NBS Scientific

When we look back at 2020, we see a year filled with new challenges, but above all with new innovations and positive developments. Would you like to take a look at our 2020 in a nutshell?


February 2020
In February of 2020, we launched the unique Micronic Tube Handler HT700 and the compact CAPPRondo Mini Incubator.


March 2020
Since March, by taking various measures, we have made every effort to be there for you during the Corona pandemic.


April 2020
We always try to listen to the wishes of our customers, so in April we have launched a variety of new sample tubes and centrifugal tubes on the market.


May 2020
In May of 2020, we added a range of (q)PCR products by CAPP to our product range. This way we now offer different (q)PCR Tubes, Strips and Plates.


June 2020
To give you some insights into our renewed productrange, we had an online virtual stand in June. Next to this, we also introduced the X-Tubeprocessor Smart by HTI. 


September 2020
In September, we launched Basque’s Frozen Sample Aliquotter CXT 353, which allows you to extract multiple aliquots from a single sample without having to defrost them.


October 2020
In October we had a survey among customer to rate us on customer service. The results showed us that this year, customers rate us an 8.3 on average.


October 2020
We hosted our first-ever webinar in October. Besides that, we also started supplying our European customers from our renewed European warehouse.


October 2020
Oktober was a very innovative month for us because we also introduced the Florida Thawing Station by SPL Guard and we launched the cryotubes/boxes by CAPP.


November 2020
To respond to the automation trend that’s been developing within the life-science market, we launched two new products in November: an automated recapper, the Sigma by AFYS3G ad the tube handler HT500 by Micronic


December 2020
We did not sit still in December either. We have in fact started the process of obtaining ISO 14001 certification. This green ecological project will continue in 2021.