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Safely collect DNA samples from dried blood spots

Collect, store, and transport blood samples at ambient temperatures for at least 10 years


Collecting samples in a remote location can often be challenging, especially if the collection method requires the use of a cold chain to get the samples back to the laboratory. Paper collection cards offer a simple and convenient method of collecting samples while avoiding the hassles of a cold chain. Whether you’re collecting DNA, RNA or some other small molecule, GenTegra has a collection card for your application.

Product features

Long-term sample collection

GenTegra’s storage specimen collection cards allow for long-term ambient stabilization of DNA from blood samples for at least 10 years.

High-quality samples

The collection cards are treated with a new-to-market proprietary chemistry intended for long-term preservation, which ensures high quality and quantitative recovery of samples.

Compatible with PCR

GenTegra’s collection cards are compatible with direct PCR, which means there’s no need for the washing protocol, saving you time and reducing costs in the lab.


GenTegra’s collection cards can be used with standard laboratory automation equipment.

  • Material High purity cotton treated with proprietary chemistry for long-term preservation of DNA from dried blood spots at ambient temperatures
  • Applications Forensics, genomics, transgenic identification, plasmid screening, genotyping, animal identification, PCR, qPCR, direct PCR analysis, and more
  • Standard format Cards include cover part for identification information and a paper part with 1, 2, or 4 printed circles for sample collection
  • Can be customized to customer needs and research applications

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